What’s in the box

  • Pickit processor
    • Rack handles and mounting bolts
    • Pair of keys for locking the front lid
    • Power cable
  • Pickit 3D Camera
    • 10 m camera USB cable
  • Robot-to-camera Calibration Plate with dowel pin
  • Set of 3 workspace markers
  • 5 m green ethernet cable (Cat 6)
  • 5 m black ethernet cable (Cat 6)
  • Goodies
  • Integration manual
  • Camera manual


These items can be ordered as options on the Pickit system. Please contact our Sales team if you would like to buy one or more of these options.

  • Robot Mounting plate
    • 1 robot plate
    • 1 camera plate
    • 2 plate screws
    • 2 dowel pins


More technical specifications can be found in following articles, Pickit processor, Pickit M camera, Pickit L camera and Pickit M-HD camera.