Do you have CAD/STEP drawings of the Pickit camera and processor?

We provide .step CAD files for all the major components of the Pickit system.

../../_images/pickit-m-with-balljoint.png Pickit M / L
../../_images/pickit-m-without-balljoint.png Pickit M / L without ball joint
../../_images/pickit-m-hd-with-balljoint.png Pickit M-HD
../../_images/pickit-m-hd-without-balljoint.png Pickit M-HD without ball joint
../../_images/pickit-processor.png Pickit processor
../../_images/pickit-robot-mounting-plate.png Pickit Robot Mouting Plate

The dimensions of the processor can be found in the picture below, expressed in millimeters [inches].