Pickit second-generation cameras

Pickit is compatible with a number of 3D cameras, each of which makes a different compromise between technical merits and price. All cameras use Ethernet as communication technology, and both standard and high-definition camera lineups cover fields of view spanning from small boxes all the way up to two Euro Pallets (EPAL). Below you can find a high-level overview of the different cameras, that can help in making an assessment of which camera works best for your application.


We can assist you in selecting which camera works best for your application. To learn more, contact sales@pickit3d.com.


This article only lists the second-generation cameras that are available since Pickit 3.4. If you have an older camera you can check the first-generation cameras article.



data sheet


data sheet


data sheet


data sheet

Recommended applications (learn more)

Bin picking


Part localization*


3D accuracy [mm]





Camera mount



* For operations like sanding, gluing, sealing, welding, etc.

You can download the data sheet of a camera by clicking its name in the above table. CAD files of all cameras are available in the CAD resources page, and camera cable specifications are documented in this article.

Below is an overview of the fields of view of each camera. You can explore them in more detail in the datasheet of each camera, or using our new interactive camera selector.


Pickit standard-definition (SD2) camera

Standard-definition (SD2 data sheet) camera offers a great value-price combination. It is a highly versatile camera, its field of view allow operation in both bin picking (shorter distance) and depalletizing (longer distance) applications.

The camera uses an Ethernet cable, for more information on how to connect the components see this article.


Pickit high-definition (HD2) cameras


HD2 cameras are compatible with the Pickit processor 2.0 and higher, and require the Pickit HD camera license module for software support.

High-definition (HD2) cameras are recommended for applications where the Pickit standard-definition camera does not provide sufficient accuracy. They can capture smaller shape details, even if the part being captured isn’t small. Thanks to the three different HD2 camera models, it’s possible to solve applications ranging from small to very large fields of view:

  • Pickit M-HD2 (data sheet) is recommended for bin picking and part localization. This camera has a small field of view, making it perfect for high precision applications. It is ideal for mounting on a robot arm.


  • Pickit L-HD2 (data sheet) is recommended for bin picking, part localization and depalletization. This camera long field of view makes it possible to mount on a robot or use in a fixed position.

  • Pickit XL-HD2 (data sheet) is recommended for bin picking application with large bins, part localization and depalletization. Unlike the other HD cameras that use structured light, the XL-HD2 uses laser triangulation technology, making it possible to work from a long distance. This camera is meant to be mounted fixed to a rigid structure.


Pickit first-generation cameras

The first-generation lineup of Pickit cameras is no longer part of our standard offering, but they continue to be supported for existing clients. Details on these cameras can be found here.