You are reading the documentation for an older Pickit release (2.0). Documentation for the latest release (3.4) can be found here.

Setting up Pickit with ABB

The setup of Pickit with an ABB robot consists of 4 steps:

Check controller and software compatibility

Pickit is compatible with controllers as of version IRC5 with RobotWare 5 or 6 and furthermore. To communicate with Pickit, the following controller modules needs to be installed:

  • 616 PC interface

  • 623-1 Multitasking

To check this compatibility,  open RobotStudio and follow next steps:

../../_images/abb-check-compatibility-step-1.jpg ../../_images/abb-check-compatibility-step-2.jpg ../../_images/abb-check-compatibility-step-3.jpg

If you don’t have the right software version or module please contact your local ABB distributor.

Setup the network connection

Hardware connection

The Pickit processor has to be connected to the robot controller using an Ethernet cable.

This Ethernet cable should be plugged in:

  • The ROBOT port of the Pickit processor;

  • The WAN port of the robot controller.

IP configuration

Open RobotStudio and follow next steps:

../../_images/abb-ip-configuration-step-1.jpg ../../_images/abb-ip-configuration-step-2.jpg

Set the IP address of the controller preferably to which is an IP address in the same subnet as the Pickit IP and set the subnet mask to

The IP address of the robot can not be the same as the IP address of Pickit.

After these steps restart from the Flex pendant (assuming you have no write acces yet).


Load the program files

Download the right files

Download the Pickit ABB files

Upload the files to the robot

Upload these files using File Transfer.

Request write access
  • Manual mode: press ‘Grant’ on the Flex pendant

  • Automatic mode: not necessary

Grant write access on the Flex pendant

Load parameters from controller

Load parameters from controller

Select the Pickit SYS.cfg file. This will load the required system modules.

For the ABB YuMi select the Pickit SYS YuMi.cfg file.

Select Pickit SYS.cfg

Restart the controller.

Restart the controller

Test robot connection on Pickit

Details on testing this connection can be found on: Testing the Robot to Pickit connection