You are reading the documentation for an older Pickit release. Documentation for the latest release (3.2) can be found here.


On this page you can test your knowledge about Pickit. For this different quizzes and exercises through snapshots are provided.


Below you can find different quizzes about the basics of a Pickit system. These short quizzes will test your knowledge and will provide you with valuable feedback after you filled them in. You don’t need a Pickit system to complete the quizzes.

Exercises through snapshots

Below you can find different exercises to test your knowledge and the capabilities of the Pickit system. For these exercises a Pickit processor is needed. To do these exercises following consecutive steps are followed:

  1. Download the snapshot

  2. Upload the snapshot to your Pickit system

  3. Do the exercise

  4. Optional: Take a snapshot of your solution and send to support@pickit3d.com to receive feedback


For this exercise you need Pickit version 1.9.x If you have a older software version. Please continue reading the Getting ready for a remote software update article and contact support@pickit3d.com to get an update.

Basic exercises

Advanced exercises