Safety instructions


The operator must have read and understood all the instructions in the following manual before handling Pickit.

The term operator refers to anyone responsible for any of the following operations on Pickit and associated robot or tools:

  • Installation

  • Control

  • Maintenance

  • Inspection

  • Calibration

  • Programming

  • Decommissioning

The Pickit documentation explains the various components of Pickit, as well as general operations regarding the entire life-cycle of the product; from installation to operation and decommissioning.

The drawings and photos in the Pickit documentation are representative examples and may differ from the delivered product.


Any use of Pickit in noncompliance with these warnings is inappropriate and may cause injury or damage.

Machine safety warning

At all times, a dedicated safety device(s) must be considered when the Pickit is connected to a robot or machine. Sensor failure can occur and result in danger to workers or machinery if not properly secured. See local or international regulations for machine safety.

3D Camera warning

  • The Camera needs to be properly secured before operating the robot.

  • Do not install or operate a Camera that is damaged or lacking parts.

  • Always respect the Camera’s electrical and power supply specifications.

  • Make sure all cord sets are always secured at both ends, at the Camera, and at the robot.

  • Always respect the recommended keying for electrical connections.

  • Be sure no one is in the robot path and/or Camera field of view before initializing the robot’s routine.

  • Any use of the Camera in noncompliance with these warnings is inappropriate and may cause injury or damage.

Pickit camera calibration


The Pickit factory calibration is important to guarantee the accuracy over the Field Of View range. Opening the camera will result in bad performance.


Warranty is lost when calibration seal is broken.

Intended use

The Pickit Vision System is designed for locating objects in a Region of Interest which will be grasped or manipulated by a robot or machine.

The product is intended for installation nearby or on a robot or other automated machinery and equipment.


Pickit is a sensor for a robotic application. Safe motions of the robot must always be checked by the robot itself and can never be guaranteed by Pickit.


Always comply with local and/or national laws, regulations, and directives on automation safety and general machine safety.

The unit may be used only within the range of its technical specifications. Any other use of the product is deemed improper and unintended. Pickit will not be liable for any damages resulting from any improper or unintended use.