You are reading the documentation for an older Pickit release. Documentation for the latest release (3.2) can be found here.

Your first pick

The last step in this getting started guide is creating a robot program to do your first pick with Pickit.

  • In the Pickit web interface, make sure robot mode is enabled. If not, press Enable Robot Mode on the top bar.

  • On your robot open the example picking program supplied by Pickit.

  • Define the correct Tool Center Point for the robot tool.

  • In the robot program select the Test_Pickit product and setup files.

  • Define the start and drop off position for the robot.

  • Add object grasping logic.

  • Start picking!


You can learn more about the officially supported robot integrations in the robot integration video tutorial, and in the articles in the panel to the left, under Robot integrations.