Teach box model

Teach with box model is the recommended engine for applications with randomly oriented box-shaped objects of known dimensions. Typical applications include bin picking of billets and pipes with square cross-sections, to name a few.


  • For box depalletization, and picking boxes from semi-structured patterns, the recommended engine is DeepAL.

  • For bin picking rectangular objects of varying dimensions, the recommended engine is Flex.

To teach a box model all you have to do is to specify the box width, height and length. Pickit will then generate a box model with the origin in the shape center.

../../../_images/box_model.png ../../../_images/square_billet.png

By using the box model, you let Pickit optimize the detection and user experience for this specific shape. Pickit will automatically create eight pick points: Four on the long faces (below left) and four on the long edges of the box (below right).