The Pickit license system

The Pickit hardware and software can be tailored to the needs of your application. Since version 3.0, Pickit offers a licensing system that allows you to get what you need, without having to pay extra for features you won’t be using. You can opt in to optional features like an HD camera or the billet picker. Or, you can opt-out of production-specific features if you’re an educational or non-profit organization.


In the system settings you can inspect the details of the installed license type, as well as learn about available extensions.

You can also check the license type of your Pickit system at a glance in the top bar of the Pickit web interface.


Upgrading from Pickit version 2.x? Follow these instructions to get your Pickit license.

There are the following license types to choose from:

  • Production: Includes the Core module, which is required for running detections on a live camera, and the Production module, which enables unlimited communication between the robot and Pickit.

  • HD production: Similar to the Production license, but with the additional HD camera module, which adds support for using an HD camera.

  • Billet picking: Similar to the Production license, but with the additional Camera on robot and Billet picker modules. These add software support for robot-mounted cameras and the billet picker (patent pending), respectively.

  • Unmixed depalletization: Similar to the Production license, but with the additional Camera on robot and DeepAL modules.

  • Educational: Includes the Core and Camera on robot modules, and is meant for non-profit organizations using Pickit in non-production settings. Communication between the robot and Pickit is allowed, but limited to 3000 detections at a time without human intervention.

  • HD educational: Similar to Educational, but with the additional HD camera module.

  • Spare processor: Contains no modules. Intended for spares, or for processors not connected to a camera nor robot used for inspecting snapshots and configuration files.

The table below summarizes the different modules provided by each license type.

License type

Included modules



Camera on robot

HD camera

Billet picker



HD production

Billet picking

Unmixed depalletization


HD educational

Spare processor

You can extend the functionality of an existing Pickit system by installing additional modules. For example, a Production license can be extended with the Camera on robot module.

Additionally, there are optional add-ons not included in the license types above that can further extend the functionality of a Pickit system:


If you want to learn more about the Pickit license types, and how to expand the functionality of your current Pickit system, please contact us at

Pickit allows loading snapshots that contain features your license type doesn’t support. This allows you to preview what expanding Pickit’s functionality could bring to your application. For instance, a system with a Production license type can load and run detections on snapshots taken with an HD camera, or that use the billet picker gripper.