Pickit first-generation cameras

Pickit is compatible with a number of 3D cameras, each of which makes a different compromise between technical merits and price. Below you can find a high-level overview of the first-generation cameras. From Pickit 3.4 the second-generation cameras are the preferred option.


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Part size to detect

Recommended applications




Bin picking


Pickit M (data sheet)

Pickit L (data sheet)

Pickit M-HD2 (data sheet)

Pickit M-HD (data sheet)

Pickit L-HD (data sheet)

You can download the data sheet of a camera by clicking its name in the above table. CAD files of all cameras are available in the CAD resources page, and camera cable specifications are documented in this article.

There’s not a fixed criterion for what constitutes a small, medium or large part, as the shape and material play a role in how easily it can be detected. However, a reasonable guideline is that the minimum size for small and medium parts should be approximately the values below:


For large parts, there is no minimum size, and the maximum size is given by the camera field of view, which is reported in the data sheet.

Pickit standard-definition (SD) cameras

Standard-definition (SD) cameras offer a great value-price combination:

  • Pickit M (data sheet) is a camera for picking medium-sized parts or surfaces. It is similar to the Pickit L (see below), but with a smaller field of view. It allows operation in bin picking applications.

  • Pickit L (data sheet) is a highly versatile camera for picking medium to large-sized parts or surfaces. Its field of view allows operation in both bin picking (shorter distance) and depalletizing (longer distance) applications.


Pickit high-definition (HD) cameras


HD cameras are compatible with the Pickit processor 2.0 and higher, and require the Pickit HD camera license module for software support.

High-definition (HD) cameras are recommended for applications where the Pickit standard-definition cameras are not sufficiently accurate. They are able to capture smaller shape details (even if the part itself is not small), and are highly configurable:

  • Pickit M-HD2 (data sheet) is recommended for bin picking and similar applications. It is the recommended HD camera for small to medium-sized parts. The M-HD2 is the successor of the M-HD. Compared to it, it has two times better camera accuracy, a wider view angle, a more compact form factor, and a robust Ethernet connection with the Pickit processor.

  • Pickit M-HD (data sheet) is recommended for bin picking and similar applications. This camera can work with small to medium-sized parts.

  • Pickit L-HD (data sheet) is recommended for similar part sizes and applications as Pickit L, but with more challenging shapes and materials.