Calibration validation program

If you want to perform calibration validation once or infrequently, you can use the Pickit web interface, and no robot programming is required.

However, for applications where robustness is paramount, it might be relevant to perform calibration validation before every production run, or at regular time intervals. In such cases, calibration validation can be automated.

 1if not pickit_is_running():
 2    print("Pickit is not in robot mode. Please enable it in the web interface.")
 3    halt()
 5# Calibration validation pose (needs replacing with actual values).
 6validation_pose = [x,y,z,rx,ry,rz]
 8# The current calibration is considered valid if the calibration plate is
 9# detected, and its location is within these tolerances.
10distance_tol = 0.01  # meters (units may vary across robot integrations)
11angle_tol = 5        # degrees
14validation_ok = pickit_validate_calibration(distance_tol, angle_tol)
16if not validation_ok:
17    # Add actions to perform on failed validation, for example:
18    # - Raise an error and exit, or
19    # - Run the calibration program.

Robot brands

Here you can find some examples of ready-to-use calibration validation programs.