Can I access the Pickit processor as a normal PC?

It’s not possible to access the Pickit processor as a normal PC, so you cannot plug an external screen and keyboard directly. The Pickit processor can only be accessed by an external computer over a network using the Pickit web interface. Refer to this article for details on how to connect an external computer.

An external computer is only needed for setup/configuration and optional monitoring of Pickit. Once this has been done, the external computer can be disconnected.


If you access the Pickit system via LAN you may have to configure your firewall. Pickit requires that the following ports are reachable:

  • Web interface: 80, 8080, 8083, 8182, 9999

  • Robot socket interface: 5001 or 30001

  • Pickit remote access: 22 (only required for online remote support)