I cannot connect to the Pickit web interface on Windows, what to do?

In case the Pickit web interface cannot be reached when navigating to using a supported browser, the following actions can be taken:

  • Click the Windows button on your keyboard + R to open a run dialog

  • Enter cmd and you will see a black command line dialog

  • Enter the following command: ping

  • You should start receiving continuous ping replies:

  • If instead of replies you are getting “Request timed out” messages, try to disable possible active WiFi connections on your laptop/computer, and try again.

  • If that doesn’t resolve the problem, please enter the following command: ipconfig

  • The output of this command should look similar to what is shown below. If that is not the case, please make a screenshot of the output and send it to support@pickit3d.com


If your computer is not directly connected to the Pickit processor, but instead connects through a network, replace the IP address above with the one assigned to the Pickit processor.