M-HD and L-HD camera cables

The Pickit M-HD and L-HD cameras uses two separate cables for power and data. Details of the cable characteristics can be found in the respective datasheets, referenced below.


Different options are available depending on the application and required length:

  • Power cable. It consists of:

  • Data cable. Based on USB 3.0 technology, it consists of two cables that should always go together:

    • A 0.5m blue cable with a female type-B USB connector with screws on the camera side, and a male type-A USB connector on the processor side.

    • An active optical type-A USB extension cable of 10m or 25m (datasheet).



There also exists the possiblity of a 5m, non-optical data cable, but it’s only shipped on-demand.


Make sure that on the camera side, both power and data connectors are tightly screwed to their plugs.

For fixed-camera applications, we recommend the 10m power cable extension and the 10m active optical cable. For robot-mounted camera applications, we recommend the 20m power cable extension and the 25m active optical cable:

  • It is long enough to be mounted in large industrial robots.

  • It can resist the bending and torsion typical of robot motions.

  • It is compliant with the Electrical Fast Transient (EFT) - IEC/EN61000-4-4 immunity standard.

  • We additionally advise to follow the best practices for routing the cables from the robot base to the camera.