New robot integration

If you have a robot that you would like to use with Pickit, you should first check if it’s listed in the supported robots. Here you can find links to videos of the integration in action. Download the necessary integration files here, and check out the documentation in the Robot Integrations section of this knowledge base.

If you don’t see your robot brand listed, confirm with whether the integration is not already under development. If your robot is not yet supported, integrating it with Pickit typically consists of the following tasks:

  1. Implement the low-level Pickit socket interface that takes care of communication with Pickit.

  2. Expose the socket interface through an Application Program Interface (API). These are the functions you call from your robot program.

  3. Write example simple picking and calibration programs.

Since each robot programming language has its own particular limitations in features, syntax, naming, and so on, robot integrations may differ from each other to some extent.

For some robots, especially in the research and educational domains, implementing the ROS interface might be preferred over the socket interface.