Robot integration downloads

Here you can find download links for robot integrations and example programs for the following robot brands:


If your robot brand is not listed above, and you would like Pickit to integrate with it, please contact us at


Pickit is compatible with controllers of version IRC5 and OmniCore with RobotWare 5, 6 or 7. To communicate with Pickit, extra modules should be installed (see ABB required modules for details).


Pickit is compatible with Epson robots.


Pickit is compatible with controllers as of version R-J3iB (i.e. R-J3iB - V6.X, R-30iA - V7.X , R-30iB - V8.X and R-30iB plus - V9.X). The software module User Socket Msg (R648) for socket communication is required. For American Fanuc (i.e. robot with FRA PARAMS (R650)), the KAREL option (R632) is also required.


Pickit is compatible with controllers as of version 2.001. Rodi 2.001 for socket communication is required.


Pickit is compatible with Kawasaki robots.


Pickit is compatible with KR C2, KR C4 and Sunrise controllers.

For KR C4 controllers, the KUKA Connect KRC software module is required for socket communication. The product number for this module is 91B300-020 and can be purchased through Pickit. Contact for more information and pricing.

Omron TM

The Pickit TMflow components are available for different versions of TMflow:

TMflow version

Download link

TMflow 1 (≥1.72)

TMflow components 2.0

TMflow 2

TMflow components 2.01


To communicate with Pickit using the ROS interface, you need to have the im_pickit_msgs package in your workspace. Below you can find the download links according to the Pickit version:

Siemens PLC

Pickit is compatible with Siemens PLC


For Stäubli software version 7 and higher.

Universal Robots

Supported versions

Download link


Polyscope (e-series)

Polyscope (CB-series)

URCap 2.1.4 (recommended)


5.8 - 5.10

3.13 - 3.15*

URCap 2.0.1

≥2.2.0 and < 2.4.5

5.4 - 5.8*

3.10 - 3.13*

URCap 1.4.1

≥1.8.2 and < 2.4.5

5.0 - 5.8*

3.4 - 3.13*

* The most recent supported Polyscope version represents what has been officially tested by Pickit. More recent Polyscope versions typically work out-of-the-box.

For older versions of Pickit or Polyscope, please contact


Pickit is compatible with controllers DX100, DX200, FS100, YRC1000 and YRC1000 micro.

For older Yaskawa controllers, please contact